Custom Stickers & Decals

You’ll hear these called by different names.  Stickers / Decals, Transfer Stickers are all names for ‘basically’ the same thing.  Find custom stickers in many shapes and sizes on premium vinyl

Custom Stickers have Three Layers

* Top layer is the transfer tape, a sticky layer that holds the sticker in place while you transfer it to it’s final location.
* Middle layer is the actual sticker, which can be one or multiple pieces. The transfer tape holds all of this in place.
* Bottom layer is the ‘slick’ side that protects the sticky side of the sticker until it is ready to be applied.

Whatever you attach a vinyl sticker to, that color will be the background

Custom Stickers

* Colors stated in description are colors for stickers that are in stock now.
* Other colors are available, just ask when you order.
* Colors shown are for display purposes only.
* 541SignShop
can make your sticker in the color you need.

Maybe you’re looking to organize or decorate your home. Maybe you need to add some information to product packaging or market your business. Or maybe you’re just trying to brighten people’s day with cool, custom gifts. These custom stickers are convenient and versatile and offer you alternatives for whatever you need.

Have an idea or quote you would like made into a sticker?  Need a different size for your custom stickers?

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  • Send us an e-mail with your ideas;