Installation Demo

Sticker Installation Instructions

FIRST STEP: Clean the area thoroughly with soap and water. Do not use a glass cleaner because it will leave a residue behind that will prevent the sticker from adhering properly.
If you are installing your sticker on your car:
Make sure that the surface temperature is at least 50 degrees and not in direct sunlight or above 75 degrees.

These photo illustrated instructions may seem complicated and complex but they are an over simplified step by step instruction to guide the first time sticker installer. Once you have installed your first sticker you won’t need these instructions again.


Installation Demo
Your 541SignShop vinyl sticker comes in three parts,
One part is the back, This protects the sticky side of your sticker until you are ready to install.
Installation Demo
The second part of your sticker is the vinyl itself.
It is available in many colors.
In most applications black, white and sometimes yellow are the best choices for applying to an automotive windshield or bumper.
Installation Demo
Installation demo
The third part is the top.
This is called transfer tape.
It comes in three types, clear with grid marks, clear and opaque.
It is used to hold your sticker pieces together during application.
Installation Instructions
Installation Demo
First, run your fingers over the transfer tape or use a flexible piece of plastic such as a squeegee or credit card to insure that vinyl is adhered to transfer tape.
541 Sign Shop Demo
Begin at one corner and slowly peel the transfer tape and vinyl sticker away from backing.

REMEMBER: Slow and easy works best.
Don’t rush it.

If part of your sticker does not adhere to the transfer tape, slowly lay that portion of the transfer tape back onto the sticker.
Use your finger or flexible squeegee to press down the transfer tape against the portion of the sticker that has not attached itself to transfer tape.
Installation of a 541 Sign Shop Sticker
Once all of your 541SignShop vinyl sticker is in place on the transfer tape and the backing has been separated, you are ready to apply your sticker.
541 Sign Shop vinyl sticker installation
Start at the center of your sticker and using your fingers press your sticker into place working your way to the outside edges, until all of your sticker is pressed into place.

REMEMBER: You can NOT remove and reset your sticker once it is in place or once any part of your sticker has been pressed into place.
Vinyl stickers are a one time use only application.

541 Sign Shop demo
Now you can again use your squeegee or credit card to press your sticker into place.
sticker install
541 Sign Shop demo
Starting in one corner SLOWLY begin to peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl sticker.
Peel back transfer tape holding it close to itself and NOT pulling straight up.
541 Sign Shop Demo
Use your fingers and palm of hand to press your 541SignShop vinyl sticker into place for the final time.

DO NOT use the squeegee or your credit card as this will catch an edge and peel up parts of your sticker or it will scratch the finish on your sticker.
Use just your fingers or palm of your hand.
Install Demo
You can now dispose of the backing and transfer tape.
541 Sign Shop Demonstration
If you have installed your 541SignShop vinyl sticker on glass or your bumper do NOT wash that area for 24 hours, allowing your stickers adhesive to set.

Oracal 651 vinyl is used due to its durability. Most stickers last 5 to 7 years.
Oracal 651 is also used because it is easy to remove. Unlike the bumper stickers that damaged paint and were almost impossible to remove. Leaving behind sticky goo. Use a hairdryer or heat gun to warm sticker and simply peel it off. Wash the area with a window cleaner and install another one in its place.

These instructions may seem complicated and complex but they are oversimplified step by step instructions to guide the first time sticker installer. Once you have installed your first sticker you won’t need these instructions again.


Thank you for purchasing a 541SignShop vinyl die cut sticker.
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