Pricing examples don’t give the whole picture.

  • Signs come in all sizes and shapes from one color to multi-color.
  • Design and art work are an expense unless you have it ready to go.
  • A ‘general’ pricing rule is $10 per square foot of signage.
  • BUT . . . That is just to give you an idea. Two or more colors add to the price. Simplicity deducts from the price.
  • Installation is of course additional.
  • Without knowing your actual needs, 541SignShop can’t give an exact price.
  • BEWARE of the shop that makes quotes sight un-seen.

Here at 541SignShop we are willing to work with you to design and create the sign you need.
We will work hard to see that you get what you want at a fair and reasonable price.

  • Signs can be a simple window sticker / decal for your car or truck.
  • Even a window sticker for your office.
  • Signs can be made into banners to be portable.

Have a yearly garage sale?

  • We can create a plastic or metal sign that can be re-used every year.
  • From an inexpensive plastic corrugated yard sign or a PVC plastic wall sign or a post mounted metal sign.

Need signage for the side of your work truck or van?

  • Maybe you have started a fishing guide service and need a sign on the sides of your aluminum boat.
  • We use long-life exterior vinyl to make our signs this minimizes the expense of refreshing your signage every season.
  • Vinyl signs are easier and less expensive than painted signage.
  • Your truck or boat doesn’t have to spend days in the shop as it would with a painted sign.


Banners for advertising specials such as;

  • Grand Openings
  • Closeout Sales

Banners can be used to support your local team.

  • Welcome Home
  • Happy Birthday banners for that special day.
  • Even Anniversaries or Graduation parties.

Banner prices vary according to size and of course the amount of art work you need done.
The average price of a 2 ft. by 8 ft. blank banner, available in different colors with grommets is under $40
Add to that two color art work.

ie; Happy 16th Birthday Cassie

The total cost will be under $100
Of course this is just a generalized example.

Call or e-mail us here at 541SignShop with your ideas, along with the size you need so we can give you an exact price and time estimate.

Even if you don’t live nearby where we can come to you to install the sign.

Vinyl signs can be installed with a couple of simple steps, some patience and our helpful instructions.

(at this time, 01-2019, our full color photo printing equipment has not yet been set up. if you need a sign with a full color photograph, feel free to contact us and we can direct you to a qualified sign shop with a proven track record, that can accommodate your needs) 

Give us a call or send an e-mail with your needs to see what 541SignShop can do for you.