* 541SignShop can make your sticker, directional sign in the color or size you need to fill the space you have.
* Imagine your logo on the back of every car in front of you at the traffic light or stuck in front of you in traffic. Car dealers have been advertising this way for years. Now imagine your customers paying you for the privilege to advertise your business on their bumper or in their back window, for hundreds or even thousands of people to see, everyday year ’round.
* Tired of customers asking where your restrooms are? Directional signs on the wall or hanging from the ceiling may be your solution.
* Let 541SignShop work with you to fill your needs at a fair and inexpensive price.
* Changing promotions from time to time? Vinyl signs and stickers can be easily removed, modified or added to. Inexpensive pricing is value added to your business as it grows.

Available in various colors  approx. 6″ X 6″
$5 wholesale 
$7.50 average retail
part# I18056

Two color stickers also available

  • Promotional Stickers can be made in a variety of sizes
    * For use as wall hangings
    * Attached to banners or sign boards in all sizes and shapes
    * Fund raising giveaways or sales

Add your LOGO or Design for your coffee shop or cafe to an arrow or pointing hand to direct customers to your business. Sign or sticker can state what you offer or even give directions to your restrooms
ALL for a minimal cost.

Do customers really pay attention when they are in your store?
* Add a conversation starter to your wall or entry door.
* Get them talking, make a connection with them.
* Use an inexpensive sign, a humorous sign, to get them talking about your business, your service, you and your employees.
* Don’t just be the place that blends into the crowd.

Let your signs go viral for their humor, their uniqueness or as a statement of your creativity.

Bookstore window stickers for a locally owned independent book seller could just as easily be in your store window stating your knowledge of coffee, fat quilting quarters, flowers, hiking tours, you name it.
Limited only by your imagination.